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Bump-N-Bite LOGO PIN #15 (The Dress) *LE 45*

Bump-N-Bite LOGO PIN #15 (The Dress) *LE 45*

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During this week 9 years ago, the World was thrushed into a controversial debate that divided husbands from wives, mothers from sons, and sisters from sisters... The war seemed to have no end in sight with only chaos left in its wake. The debate in question occurred on February 26th, 2015. That was the date that we as a human race first encountered the life-altering question ... "Is this dress blue and black or gold and white?" ... To commemorate that moment forever in time and to help heal the wounds of the  past, I present you with Bump-N-Bite Logo #15 (The Dress) for purchase. The logo is a combination of both Blue and Black coloring as well as White and Gold coloring to bring unity to all parties involved.

Bump-N-Bite Logo Enamel Pin #15 (The Dress). The pin is approximately 1.5 inches tall. Limited Edition of 45. Black rubber clutches on the pin back.

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