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Minecraft Mystery Series 2 - PDQ

Minecraft Mystery Series 2 - PDQ

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First debuted at New York Comic-Con 2023!

The Minecraft Mystery Series 2 includes the following FiGPiN Minis: 
  • Common: Steve #Y51, Alex #Y52, Charged Creeper #Y53, Wither Skeleton #Y54
  • Rare: Chicken #Y55, Fire Zombie #Y56
  • Super Rare: Spider #Y57, Sword #Y58
  • Hyper Rare: Ghast #Y59
Unlock your Mystery FiGPiNs on the FiGPiN App for your chance to purchase the gold and black ULTRA Ghast #Y60!

* Note: Purchasing a full 10-piece case does NOT guarantee all pins in the Series.
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